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What We Do



We ethically create highly functional, safe and elegant environments for events of any kind on any terrain. We pride ourselves on our ability to create well crafted environments that are reliable and resilient, whether an event is indoors, in a forest or on a beach. Our tents will shelter your guests from the elements while providing complete protection to staff and equipment that must be able to keep working in all weather conditions.


Adaptability, safety and respect for Mother Nature are at the heart of what we do. Whatever you require, our team will be devoted to precisely meeting your needs while maintaining immaculate quality. Every aspect of your event’s environment will be carefully crafted in order to promote structural, sonic and artistic integrity.

Our experienced craftsmen integrate age old crafts with the pinnacle of modern technology in order to transform landscapes and soundscapes into intelligent and immersive mindscapes that will define your event.

Who We Are



The Jurassic team formed itself when a crew of hard working, dedicated individuals realised their shared passion for producing events that consistently push the boundaries of possibility while always maintaining functionality, resilience and safety. Every member of our team is proven in their field as well as fully qualified, licensed and insured. Our in-house skills include carpentry, roofing, stone masonry, tree surgery, groundworks and conservation.


We also have machine operators, site supervisors and site safety supervisors who are legally qualified to carry out street and road works. Any surplus talent will be quickly sourced through our expansive network of reliable professionals.

How We Work



We quickly and cost-effectively transform your event space into the perfect event environment - without ever compromising crowd safety or carelessly damaging nature. We take great pride in our work, combining vast experience with unwavering teamwork and unparalleled dedication in order to consistently deliver genuine quality. We will not be beaten. We will not hesitate to design and build unorthodox solutions to your event’s unique challenges. This includes purpose-built components made specifically to suit your event.


Our intelligent designs and careful craftsmanship result in  functional. safe and comfortable environments that help unleash your event’s maximum potential.


What We Believe



with Jurassic Tents and Events it is always possible to create the perfect environment -. This is achieved through skill, dedication and teamwork. We understand the massive impact our work has on the overall outcome of an event.  Only potential.


Full Power 24H.


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